Bharat Anu Nenu For Valentine's?

By - January 13, 2018 - 03:14 PM IST

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Whenever the project of a superstar is shaping up you tend to get eager about watching the first glimpse of it at the earliest. And when that gets delayed you keep getting disappointed. The same is happening with the fans of superstar Mahesh Babu in relation to his new movie ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’.

The film has been in the making since a while and after the colossal disaster of ‘Spyder’ many have been hoping this movie comes and makes up for it. Initially, the film was due for release on Sankranthi then it was shifted to Summer. As a consolation, many were hoping the first look would be unveiled during Sankranthi.

However, the latest update is that the makers have dropped the idea of doing something for Sankranthi since the film’s release is only in April. Going by the timelines, it looks as if we have to wait until Valentine’s day to get anything from ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’. From our end, we shall try to share few tidbits about the film.

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