Heroine's Affairs With Husband's...

By - January 16, 2018 - 02:29 PM IST

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The majority of affairs that take place in the tinsel town are sexual in nature with no strings attached and the only objective is money and other perks. Though it happens in a hush manner, there are those actresses who indulge in such pleasure activities and the list also includes few married ladies.

The talk now is about one actress who was a top heroine in the 90s. She is married but then it is heard that she has her own share of affairs and here comes the unusual part. All this is happening with the consent of her husband. The consolation is that there is no money involved in it, she can do what she wants to satisfy her sexual needs.

On the other hand, even this heroine has given equal freedom to a husband. That way, as wife and husband they have a wonderful marital relation with independence towards sexual freedom. While some like it some don’t but this news is something only the close circles to the couple are aware of. Strange but true!