Mahesh Kathi Erases Mahesh Babu

By - January 19, 2018 - 05:58 PM IST

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You would have no qualms about accepting that superstar Mahesh Babu is without a doubt the ruling king of Tollywood circuit and he shares the number one spot with power star Pawan Kalyan. At the same time, Mahesh is also an endorsement king with the highest assignments in south India. Yet, his presence is now erased.

The reason for that is another Mahesh. This man is Mahesh Kathi, the noted Facebook film critic and a director. Lately, Mahesh Kathi shot to limelight not because of what he does but what he says. His tirade against power star Pawan Kalyan and his constant presence in media channels has given him huge mileage.

As a result, it is now being reported that whoever is typing Mahesh in Google search they are ending up seeing Mahesh Kathi’s photos and articles than that of superstar Mahesh. This is a matter of concern for Mahesh fans and the star himself. Perhaps things will change when they start promotions for Mahesh’s next venture ‘Bharat Anu Nenu’.

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