Kathi Leaks: Uses Women For Sex Desires

By - January 19, 2018 - 10:03 AM IST

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Kathi Mahesh! The only name the Telugu audience get to hear when they switch on any of the news channels. The only topic of discussion and, yes it is one of the issues the Telugu audience now want to get rid off as soon as possible.
Whatever is the intensity of the issue, one cannot deny that Kathi Mahesh has got a personal agenda behind targeting  Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his fans. From the very first day, Critic Kathi has been claiming that Pawan Kalyan is the sole person responsible for every small thing that is happening around him. 
The situations have worsened now. People have lost their patience and they are boycotting the channels and debates featuring Kathi Mahesh. In this frame of context, a popular website leaked some of the messages Kathi Mahesh has sent to the women who approached him for acting offers. 
Kathi Mahesh is not as innocent as he appears and portrays himself in front of the media. Kathi Mahesh is a part of the murky casting couch who deal with ladies and trap them into sexual relationships. Some of the message leaks yesterday stand as the proofs for his atrocities. 
Mahesh Kathi normally announces a movie, then give a call for casting to women. He then sends them messages to satisfy his sexual desires and offer them movie chances if they co-operated. In a debate on a news channel yesterday, Kathi Mahesh himself agreed that he would have done this. He also said that there is nothing wrong with it until and unless he doesn't molest, rape them. 
Kathi Mahesh also covers up by asking, "What if I am proved morally wrong? I still have access to all the constitutional rights," he said. So, it is clear that Kathi Mahesh is a perverted person trying to create disturbances. What is your take on him? 

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