Parvathy Nair Regrets Arjun Reddy Rejection

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There was a time when the south cinema had a distinct difference when in comparison with the Bollywood circuit. Apparently, the south circuit was more conventional and traditional when it comes to skin show, intimate scenes onscreen and other aspects. Given that, a lip-lock scene was a strict no in the Tollywood circuit.

However, times have changed and the recent release ‘Arjun Reddy’ bowled many not just with its riveting narration but also due to the passionate and unending lip-lock scenes. Now, the film’s heroine Shalini Pandey was a debutante and became a star overnight with this movie. And another actress is fretting over losing this chance.

She is none other than Parvathi Nair who is a noted name in the Kollywood circuit. Recently she got to share her thoughts when she reportedly revealed how she rejected ‘Arjun Reddy’ just because there were lip-lock scenes in it. Now, Parvathi is reportedly realizing what a price she had to pay due to ‘no lip locks’ clause.

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