Mahesh Kathi Is Not A Fool To Do That

By - January 26, 2018 - 12:04 PM IST

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Your smartness comes to the fore when you know how to make use of an opportunity that comes knocking your door. Not just that, you also need to be sensible enough to understand how you can sustain it so that it fetches you long term benefits. There are quite a few smart brains like that in the Tollywood circuit.

One among them is the Facebook critic cum actor/director Mahesh Kathi. Today he has become a hot property for the media because his presence and popularity came from criticizing power star Pawan Kalyan. It is known that two days ago the whole thing came to an end with some kind of ‘compromise’ between both sides.

However, those who have followed Mahesh Kathi say he is not a fool to stop at this. He is well aware that if he stops it all that glory and fame would be gone. Hence, there is a good chance that within ten days he will start again. For now, Mahesh is trying to ruffle few feathers using the caste card regarding the elections.

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