Bunny's American Fitness

By - January 30, 2018 - 02:39 PM IST

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Gone are the days when all you had to do was perform and people accepted you as a hero. These days heroes are expected to live the character. Of course, only a few lead stars have that conviction of getting into the skin of the character and one among them in the Tollywood circuit is the stylish star Allu Arjun.

Since the last few years, Bunny has been going out of his way to shape himself up for any role he is taking up. Soon, he would be seen as an army man in the movie ‘Naa Peru Surya’ and he has done the extensive groundwork for that. Inside news reveals Bunny has taken training which is equivalent to an American soldier.

The first thing that is going to catch your attention when the movie arrives is Bunny’s physique. He has shaped himself like a true army man and even his hairdo is typical army cut. All in all, Bunny's  American fitness is going to create a sensation. Helmed by Vakkantham Vamsi, ‘Naa Peru Surya’ is arriving in April and it is produced by Lagadapati Sridhar.

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