Why Is Padmaavat Banned In Malaysia?

By - January 31, 2018 - 05:42 PM IST

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Never in the recent times has a film faced so many brickbats like the Bollywood flick ‘Padmaavat’. Ultimately those who saw the film are baffled as to what the total hue and cry were about. The film has been doing well and while this is the scene in India, something interesting happened outside our nation.

Most of the movies tend to face issues in Pakistan despite the huge following for our movies. Surprisingly, Pakistan has given a clean U to this movie and it has got a good response but here comes the interesting part. The film has been banned by Malaysia as they said it has shown Islam in a humiliating manner.

This comes across as rather strange when a theocratic country like Pakistan is clearing the film, a relatively liberal country like Malaysia banning ‘Padmaavat’ is absurd. Whatever the reasons may be, it would be a blow to the makers but it is also a blow to the Malaysian cine buffs who have missed the chance of watching a well-made film.

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