Nikhil's Kirrak Party Trailer Earns Positivity

By - February 01, 2018 - 09:47 AM IST

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A smart way of scoring success would be to go for proven scripts from other languages if they have that universal appeal. Since the last few years, Bollywood has imported many such scripts from Tollywood and minted crores from them. Similarly, even Tollywood has also been picking out some good scripts from other languages and remaking them here.

The talk now is about one young hero who is arriving with a movie which happens to be a remake of a Kannada superhit. We are talking about the vibrant hero Nikhil Siddharth and he is coming with the film ‘Kirrak Party’ which was a Sandalwood blockbuster with the same title. Nikhil is pairing up with the beautiful Samyuktha in this.

Recently the teaser was unveiled and it is clear that this is complete college syrup which is going to have a tinge of student politics in it. It would be interesting to see how Nikhil can pull this one because it takes a special machismo and charisma to carry such roles. If Nikhil is able to pull off a hit with this one he is going to grow by many leagues for sure. Anyways the trailer earns a positive buzz. So, expecting a decent response too. All the best team! 

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