SS Thaman Copied Tune For Sai Dharam

By - February 01, 2018 - 10:14 AM IST

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After the likes of rock star Devi Sri Prasad, the one name which is heard quite often in Tollywood is that of the thumping music composer S S Thaman. His music has always been filled with high adrenaline and his songs have very high energy beats. At the same time, there is also a criticism that Thaman tends to lift tunes from here and there.

Once again that observation came when the public heard the new song ‘Kala kala Kalamandir cheera katti..’ from the new movie ‘Intelligent’ featuring supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej. Apparently, the song’s tune finds a lot of similarity to the song ‘Rangu Rakara Rangu Rakara…’ from the movie ‘Shiva Linga’ featuring Lawrence.

Well, before anyone can point fingers here is an update. Whether it is inspired or not, even ‘Rangu Rakara Rangu Rakara….’ has been composed by Thaman himself so the question of copy doesn’t arise. At the moment, this new song from ‘Intelligent’ is getting a positive response from all corners of the audience so the job is well done, Thaman!

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