Short Film Girl Raising Temperatures

By - February 01, 2018 - 10:21 AM IST

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You might find a distinction between the TV artists and the silver screen artists but then the short film celebrities are finding it easier to get into the cinema circuit. In that, one girl is known as the queen of Telugu short film circuit and she is now arriving as a leading lady in Tollywood. Her name is Chandini Chowdary and here are the details.

Chandini has paired up with Rahul Ravindran and is arriving with the movie ‘Howrah Bridge’ on February 3rd. While that is fine what has created the sensation is the hoardings and posters prior to the release. It is clear that Chandini has gone way out of her reach to look hot and desirable. The posters are also driving the youth crazy.

As such, Chandini has sufficient experience acting in short films and if she can prove her mettle in terms of glamour she has a strong potential to become the queen of Tollywood. For now, it is clear that the Filmnagar folks have got their eye on Chandini and it all boils down to the result of Howrah Bridge’.

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