First Blow Of PK On AP Politics

By - February 01, 2018 - 10:36 AM IST

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Ever since power star Pawan Kalyan has announced his retirement from cinema and debut in politics, the scanner has been quite strong on him and his every move. Currently, he has been on a tour in the state of Andhra Pradesh and it appears he has delivered the first jolt in the entire scenario there.

Apparently, Pawan’s Jana Sena is expected to field its candidates from all the constituencies during the 2019 elections. In that, there is a strong grapevine about Pawan’s party getting support from the ruling TDP government. If that happens there is a good chance that the existing MLAs who came from the opposition YSRCP would be asked to make a  place.

While it is yet to be determined whether Jana Sena or Pawan has the power to emerge as the single largest winner capable of setting up a government, Pawan has certainly delivered a blow to the equations. He is emerging as a strong force in this matter and you will get more clarity as the days keep coming by.

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