Book Review: Narendra Modi's 'Exam Warriors'

By - February 05, 2018 - 10:49 AM IST

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I, being a connoisseur of poetry read Narendra Modi's "A Journey", an anthology of his poems- written in subtle, straight, suave and sensible way. In fact, I was waiting for his next anthology. But he surprised me with a paradigm shift by coming up with the book "Exam Warriors", taking inspiration from his own "Mann Ki Baat" program.

Though I'm not preparing for any exams now the book pulled my attention. It's not like any other self-help or personality development book but interactive enough and sufficiently entertaining. The interaction is not just confined to the author and the reader but extends to fellow readers through a QR Code driven App. This adds innovation to this interesting creation.

The author divided the book not into chapters but 25 Mantras. Each Mantra deals with an idea.

Here are few of my observations on why this book can be owned-

1. Stress has become a part of life for many students right from their Montessori Classes and even their parents are sailing on same boat. This book is a logical attempt in relieving them from it.

2. Many parents of this generation are worried about the scoreboards and ranks of their children and this book enlightens them with a different perspective.

3. This book convincingly conveys that exams are the festivals to be celebrated.

4. This book explains the power of laughter and its positive effect on those who prepare for exams.

5. "Pay No Attention To Tension"- is one of the mantras in this book that helps not just the ones preparing for exams but everybody in general.

6. The language and vocabulary is so simple in this book that it comfortably reaches an international school student as well as a government school student studying in regional medium.

7. How competing with oneself yields better results than competing with others? This book explains very interestingly but crisply.

8. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. How to make most of it as a celebration? This book enlightens about that in a single page.

9. This book throws an interesting idea of Tech-Free Time and Tech-Free Zones to combat technological indulgence in our lives. How interesting! It's a need indeed, both for the exam warriors and the rest.

10. 'Sleep is a great weapon- sharpen it' and 'Play to shine' are the two simple lovable mantras this book invokes.

11. "Little things matter" is a mantra on attention to detail that applies not only for students but also for professionals.

12. Page 125 to 172 focuses on Yoga Asanas and by mere glance of pictures and description, one would find no reason for why this book cannot be owned. These pages make this book wholesome and deserving to find a place in every household.

With so many observations from my side, I feel that this book has the potential to put full stop to criminal tendencies among children attempting murders or suicides out of the fear of examinations.

The book has 193 pages and priced at only Rs 100, allowing it to reach all classes of people across the nation. This has the potential to be one of the best books that can be gifted to any exam warrior on any occasion.

- Reviewed by Sira Sri

Poet, Author, Lyricist And Critic

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