Anushka Retires From Acting?

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You might know when to make an entry into a profession and when to make a mark in that field but your real intelligence is reflected if you know when to call it a day. This is most applicable to fields like entertainment, sports, and other creative arenas. In the cinema industry, exiting with grace and victory is a rare sign.

The penchant to act and maintain that celebrity status always draws many film personalities into oblivion but if they can be sensible enough to call it quits when the time is right, the impact stays forever. The reason for this discussion is about the awesome beauty Anushka and her future course of action in terms of her career.

Apparently, Anushka is unable to control her weight gain and offers have dipped alarmingly for her. At a time like this, she has arrived with her movie ‘Bhaagmathie’ which has become a success at the box office. Some of the analysts are saying this is the right time for Anushka to call it a day. When she is at a peak like this, will she retire? Let us wait and watch.

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