Anasuya: The Lady Is Spreading False News

By - February 06, 2018 - 02:57 PM IST

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Anchor Anasuya has made to the headlines once again. This time, it is her anger which has got her into a murky issue. Anasuya allegedly grabbed the phone of a kid who was trying to take her pictures and smashed it. 
Into the details: This morning Anasuya Bharadwaj was heading from her Mother's home in Tarnaka area of Secunderabad. A boy who saw Anasuya Bharadwaj got excited and neared her to take a selfie. Anasuya who was startled at this seems to have thrown the boy's phone which broke into pieces. The woman alleges that Anasuya has broken the phone. 
Anasuya trashed this news and clarified of what really happened. "The lady is spreading lies. I had gone to visit my mother at her residence in Tarnaka, Secunderabad. When I was coming out, the lady, along with the boy, was taking my video. They approached me for a selfie.  I was not in the frame of mind to oblige, so I refused", said Anasuya. 
"They hesitated to move and came closer to me. I tried to cover my face and I got into my car hurriedly. I don't know what happened. Sad that the lady's phone is broken, but she is spreading false news", Anasuya concluded.  We often forget that celebrities are also just like others whose priority is privacy. Why do some people often forget that and make an issue out of their treatment after breaking into their privacy? 

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