Young Hero After A Long Time

By - February 06, 2018 - 01:40 PM IST

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Imagine you were ruling the roost in the industry at one point and suddenly you disappear, how do the people perceive it. For many of the heroes who have seen peaks of glory and success, it becomes really hard to be on a sabbatical for a very long time.  One hero who has surprised everyone by coming back is Lover Boy Tarun.

Right from the time, he was a child artist Tarun had garnered a fair share of following and after he became a hero he was the number one for romantic movies. However, fortune didn’t favor him for long and he ended up driving down south as his career started biting the dust. It was ages since anyone saw or heard about Tarun after that.

But now the young hero is back and he seems to be coming with a bang. The film is titled as ‘Idhi Naa Love Story’ and the team has started its pre-release promotions in a large way. This is going to be an exercise of sorts but the efforts are already yielding with some very positive response to the film. Here’s wishing the best of success to Tarun!