Kerchiefs On Chalo Director

By - February 08, 2018 - 05:40 PM IST

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Your creativity as a filmmaker gets reflected when you are able to narrate the simplest of stories in the most engaging and entertaining manner. And when you do that you become a hot property. The same is happening now with Venky Kudumula, the director of the recent release ‘Chalo’ which is heading towards a hit.

Those who watched the movie are giving it points for the subtle humor and how Venky narrated the story in an entertaining manner. It is not very complicating and Venky’s skill has been proved. As a result, many young heroes are trying to work with him and he has been getting indirect inquiries from various quarters.

However, Venky needs to note one thing. Even Sudheer Varma, the director of ‘Swamy Rara’ also got the same craze but his next came after a long gap which affected the momentum. Hence, taking off with good speed is key. Sandeep Vanga scored very well with ‘Arjun Reddy’ but he is going very slow after that. We have to see whether Venky has that speed in him or not.