Inttelligent Vs Tholiprema: Choice#1?

By - February 08, 2018 - 05:21 PM IST

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Whenever two promising movies are preparing to hit the screens it becomes a tricky situation for you as to which should be your first choice. Lately, the Fridays in Tollywood have become quite busy due to the multiple releases happening and most of them generating quite a bit of buzz prior to the arrival in theatres.

This weekend is going to be the same. On February 9th ‘Intelligent’ is arriving and this has Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej, on 10th ‘Tholi Prema’ is arriving featuring Mega Prince Varun Tej. With this, the trade analysts are trying to speculate as to what would be the better choice for the audience and where they would go.

This theory is being dispelled by the rationalists who say both the films would be watched with same enthusiasm. Sai Dharam is preferred for mass craze while ‘Tholi Prema’ is preferred for the title and Varun Tej. At the end of the day, it is the content that will decide which will become the best choice for the viewer.

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