Did Pawan Give Another Chance To Mahesh?

By - February 08, 2018 - 02:32 PM IST

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Just a few days ago there was a major ruckus across the online world and the electronic media circuit between fans of power star Pawan Kalyan and the noted film critic Mahesh Kathi. But suddenly some ‘compromise’ was reportedly arrived at and everything just went silent in just half a day. But here comes another twist.

Pawan has taken a full plunge into politics and since then many cine buffs are waiting to see how Pawan carries himself as a leader. It is known that Pawan made a flashy announcement that he would do fast unto death at Delhi in regards to the special status for Andhra Pradesh. Now, he has gone completely silent after that statement.

This has put many in a fix as to whether Pawan gave just an impulsive statement or is he doing the groundwork silently so that enough impact is created in Delhi. In this process, some are also quipping that Pawan is once again giving a chance for Mahesh Kathi to say something. If that happens another commotion will get triggered.

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