Pawan-Mahesh Drown Dil Raju

By - February 08, 2018 - 10:35 AM IST

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Whenever the name of Dil Raju is taken you can only say he is the man with the golden hand who has the uncanny ability to score nothing but success. Dil Raju is not just a producer and he is also a distributor with an iron grip over the Nizam region. Tollywood makes its maximum revenue from the Nizam area.

While that is so, reports now reveal Dil Raju suffered a major blow and the reason for that happens to be power star Pawan Kalyan and superstar, Mahesh Babu. Apparently, Dil Raju has become a successful producer but an unsuccessful distributor. The analysts are estimating his losses to be close to a mind-boggling 70 crores.

Well, Dil Raju took ‘Agnyaathavasi’ featuring Pawan and ‘Spyder’ featuring Mahesh for distribution in the Nizam area. You know very well what the outcome was and within no time the disaster talk came out. With not much choice left, it is now heard that Dil Raju is not going to buy any big movies but only market them for a commission.

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