Hero's Extras With Cook In Sets

By - February 08, 2018 - 11:35 AM IST

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Our connection with the film industry is limited only to the onscreen entertainment and maybe few events and awards functions but there is always something which keeps happening behind the screen which is intriguing. Sometimes it is entertaining but sometimes it is also annoying revealing the true nature of few people.

This time it is about a young hero who is known for his handsome looks and his latest release became a success. As such, even big heroes get food from their homes and they don’t have their exclusive cook on the sets for preparing the dishes. It is understood if a special nutritious diet and special stuff need to be made but here is the thing.

This hero brought his cook from home with all his appliances but the cook made the same thing such as Dal, Sambar, Rice etc. On top of that, the producers had to give Rs 1000 as a daily wage to the cook, along with that they had to pay for the food material. That way, they spent daily Rs 2000 for this. The big question is, why did the hero do all this? Well, just for some attention seeking and nothing more. Well, all this did bring the hero the required attention, showing his immature arrogance.

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