Mohan Babu's Comedy About North Heroines

By - February 10, 2018 - 02:01 PM IST

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The Tollywood circuit is filled with those who are good at giving diplomatic and politically correct statements when in front of media. But there are also those rare men who have no qualms in calling a spade a spade no matter where they are. One man who is top on that list is Collection king Mohan Babu.

Over the years, he has earned the reputation of being a very straightforward and highly disciplined person and recently the senior actor was sharing his thoughts in an interview when he quipped about the north Indian heroines. Well, Mohan Babu was revealing about how the Tollywood folks are crazy about the north Indian heroines and flock to Mumbai.

He also mentioned how these girls who live in some really murkiest houses demand business class air tickets, five-star hotel accommodations, perks for five-six members of their team and last but not the least, their share of tantrums. As startling as it may sound, there is a good amount of truth in what Mohan Babu said. The industry folks who heard this couldn’t help chuckling and nodding in agreement with the Collection King.

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