Is Pawan Kalyan Poor Student?

By - February 14, 2018 - 01:16 PM IST

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Just when you have thought that the noted film critic Mahesh Kathi has stopped rubbing the camp of power star Pawan Kalyan on the wrong side, another one has come up. Well, Mahesh reacted to the recent meeting of Pawan Kalyan with the political intellectual Vundavalli Arun Kumar. Many are speculating Vundavalli can become Pawan’s mentor.

However, Mahesh thinks otherwise. Sharing his thoughts Mahesh reportedly said Vundavalli is like a retired schoolmaster and Pawan is like a poor and naive student trying to get some Gyan. Mahesh reportedly added Vundavalli tried to give some education to Pawan and their journey would not go further than that.

He is certain that there is no strength in that association and it would not really fetch much of political mileage. Now that Mahesh has given his thoughts in a transparent manner, it has to be seen how the groups supporting Pawan would react or whether the power star himself will do something to prove Mahesh wrong.

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