Big Director's Father In Discussion

By - February 16, 2018 - 03:46 PM IST

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From a distance, you might see the success of an individual but a closer look reveals that the reason for success is not just that person but someone behind him or her. The talk now is a very popular director and recently he gave a big flop. There is also a speculation that he has lost his creative juices.

Point is, this big director has earned really very well and the posh house he has, nobody else has it in Tollywood. The reason for this huge growth is, whatever remuneration he used to get, his father used to take care of it very carefully. Even the director also had tremendous respect towards his father and used to listen to him.

Given this, it is clear that his lifestyle will not get affected and he is in a very safe position. He has no loans and the reason, his father. Normally, many will be on a trip during success and spend unwisely and when trouble comes they sell their stuff. However, this director trusted his father and it worked.