Successful Director Missing?

By - February 16, 2018 - 04:12 PM IST

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The thing about earning success and sustaining it as a director in the entertainment industry is to come up with back to back projects without leaving many gaps. Thing is, the audience has a short memory so if you take your own sweet time you might have to start fresh to prove yourself. One director might fall in that zone.

He is none other than Sankalp Reddy. Apparently, Sankalp shot to fame when he came with the movie ‘Ghazi’ which is India’s first submarine movie. The film worked even in Hindi. Since then many have been eagerly waiting to hear something about his next project and all they came across was silence.

However, sources close to Sankalp have revealed he is ready with his next and this one is going to be a science fiction movie with mega prince Varun Tej in the lead. Well, unless we hear something official the mystery remains so let us wish Sankalp pulls up his socks and gets going.

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