Balakrishna Insecure About His Position?

By - February 16, 2018 - 04:55 PM IST

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan who has now given a brief break to his movie career is an active leader who is trying hard to create impact in politics. Though he has not become quite noted in the politics yet, there is an impression that he creating a difference.

But, is there any chance that the Telugu actors don't know about Pawan Kalyan? He has a colossal following among Telugu people and there is no way that any actor like Balakrishna Nandamuri doesn't know about him.

In a recent visit to Hindupur, Balakrishna was questioned by a journalist to give his opinion about Pawan Kalyan's recently formed JAC. Irked by this question, Balakrishna instantly replied "Who is Pawan Kalyan? I don't know who he is!". With this reply, the people around were just surprised.

Balakrishna maintains a good relationship with Mega Star Chiranjeevi. If there is no way that Balayya knows about Janasena Cheif Pawan Kalyan, he should at least know PK as he is Chiranjeevi's brother. If not, as an active member of TDP he must have known that Pawan campaigned for his own party for last general elections. By saying like that, Balakrishna only seems like he is being insecure about his position in TDP. While this is being a topic for conversation, the media people are taking a dig at Balakrishna. Many people on twitter are posting Balakrishna's picture with Pawan Kalyan and being sarcastic. Some of them also believe that Balakrishna was irked just because he was ignored to campaign for TDP and PK became their preference.

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