Awe- Fails To Please Mass Audience

By - February 17, 2018 - 03:02 PM IST

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Being it natural star Nani's production debut, Awe is receiving mixed reports after it hit the worldwide theaters yesterday. Mixed reports in the sense, not just like any other normal movie. The mixed talk about this movie is contrasting.

It was already reported that Awe is a multi-genre story. Prashanth Varma who stepped into the field of direction with Awe seems to have got all the focus he deserves. Awe being a twisty story has attracted many people.

Awe fails to grab the attention of B, C category audiences. All quarters of the audience may not be satisfied by the way this movie is made. But, the ones who have liked the movie are saying this is a very good movie. With visually excellent content, the movie is grabbing the attention of the class audience. All the actors in their own roles have given their best and Awe is getting praises.

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