Single Song Shoots Up Business

By - February 19, 2018 - 01:33 PM IST

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The bottom-line objective of making a movie is to make money more than providing entertainment, at least this is the agenda of the big movie makers. It is natural to have this mindset because these days a big hero movie is made with nothing less than 60 crores of the budget. Hence it is important for the film to have good traction.

Now, one movie is raising hopes among the Tollywood folks and much to their favor, one song from the movie has shot up the expectations. We are talking about the film ‘Rangasthalam’ featuring mega power star Ram Charan. The film is preparing to hit the screens during the month of March.

The pre-release promotions have started and as part of that, one song was unveiled. It is titled as ‘Entha sakkagunnave…’ and it went viral. The views are touching nearly 7 million and it is rocking. With that one song, the expectations are touching the sky and business range has also increased due to this.

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