Tollywood! Think About The Buyers!

By - February 20, 2018 - 04:32 PM IST

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Things are getting a bit ironic these days when it comes to the business of cinema in the Tollywood circuit. While all of them know that at the end of the day success at the box office is important, they are also working towards having released in such a way that they are clashing with other movies.

It is true that the number of movies in the making has risen but when films with potential are coming it is important to work out a solution and adjust the release dates. Since the last few years, multiple releases are happening on Fridays and this is naturally causing a dent in the movies thereby affecting the business.

In the bargain, it is the buyers who are on tenterhooks because they shell out large sums and are unable to recover the costs. The risks are getting higher in the big star movies because sometimes the gap between two big releases is barely a day. It is about time the Tollywood folks start focusing on the buyers and work out a proper solution.

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