Will This Be Rs 300 Cr Teaser?

By - February 21, 2018 - 09:31 AM IST

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Can you imagine a teaser resulting in a business worth 300 crores? It sounds impossible but one man has made that possible. He is none other than Style Samrat Rajnikanth. Apparently, Rajini’s movie ‘Kabali’ created a major sensation when it came with the teaser. The buyers went bonkers over it.

The business happened quickly and it touched nearly 300 crores. Of course, it’s a different matter that the film turned out to be a dud. Anyhow, discussions are now happening whether Rajini’s next ‘Kaala’ will also do the same magic. The teaser of this movie is locked for release on March 10th and expectations are touching the sky.

The point to note is, this film is coming from the same team that made ‘Kabali’ i.e the director is P A Ranjith and many members are the same. So, if the new teaser is powerful it might just touch that unbelievable figure of 300 crores for business. Buzz is that Rajini’s action avatar would be shown in this movie so get set for this one folk.

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