Superb Web-Series Poster

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You are well aware that web series has become the latest fad in the online world and it is also drawing a lot of traction. Taking a cue from that even the big screen celebrities are marching towards the web series and different actors and actresses are not hesitating to be a part of this format. Now, one web series has caught good attention.

It is titled as ‘Nanna Koochi’ and this has mega daughter Konidela Niharika with mega brother Nagababu. Incidentally, Niharika is Nagababu’s daughter so this combination coming together has struck a chord with the netizens. Now, the posters of the web series have been unveiled and they have hit the Bulls Eye.

The posters are very attractive and many have taken a liking to it. As the title indicates the story seems to revolve around the father and daughter bonding wherein the latter seems to be quite mischievous and yet pampered by her dad. For now, the poster has got good marks so let us see how the series is going to entertain.

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