Pawan Kalyan Of Tamil Nadu?

By - February 22, 2018 - 02:49 PM IST

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These days the only context you can relate power star Pawan Kalyan is in the field of politics and not movies. After setting up Jana Sena, Pawan has begun an extensive initiative to get close to the people and their issues. His influence during the last elections has been seen and now he is gearing up for direct entry in 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, another man has been named as the Pawan of Tamil Nadu. He is none other than Universal Star Kamal Haasan. Apparently, Kamal has also taken a plunge and he has unveiled the logo and name of his party. Interestingly, both are in very similar lines to Jana Sena. And here comes the best part.

Just like how Pawan relates to leftist ideology and claims to be the follower of Che Guevara, Kamal is also rolling out statements which reflect leftist sentiments. Well, their ideologies seem similar but it has to be seen how the people of the Telugu states as well as Tamil Nadu are going to receive the whole star package.

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