Allegations on MAA

By - February 22, 2018 - 03:53 PM IST

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Movie Arts Association is a committee formed to deal with the welfare activities of Tollywood Film Industry. Abbreviated as MAA, there is a team who is elected by the film fraternity. Their job is to deal with any kind of issues related to film actors and workers. The members of MAA represent the whole movie industry.

The Silver Jubilee Celebrations by MAA has been receiving negative feedback as per the close members of the movie industry. There are talks going on that the funds are being misused by the members of MAA. Even the biggies from industry are not being invited to some of the events. The allegations may be true or false, but the members need to be more careful with the work they are responsible for.  No one knows exactly what is happening in there, but something wrong is being sensed.

It was earlier reported that some of the members are behaving in a way that some of the Tollywood folks are getting upset. Seems like MAA needs to look into their deeds because they carry a heavy responsibility.

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