Words Of Wisdom For Harish

By - February 23, 2018 - 07:12 PM IST

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The thumb rule that sets the industry going is the success. As long as you have success with you everyone respects and regards you or else you are a nobody. At the same time, you are also expected to score success consistently. By scoring a blockbuster once your place is not cemented forever.

This is more applicable for the directors because they are the captains of the ship. In that process, the bloodshot-eyed filmmaker Harish Shankar was once the top league man with blockbusters like ‘Gabbar Singh’. However, he has been coming up with big sized disasters after that which distanced him from the main stars.

Despite all that the grapevine in Filmnagar is that Harish is still projecting that he is a hot property in the game wanted by big names. Some of the cine seniors are advising Harish needs to be humble and accept the reality that unless he scores a sizeable hit he is not what he is assuming. For now, Harish has announced a new project ‘Seeti Maar’ so let us see when this takes shape.