FDFS Report: Very Disappointing!

By - February 23, 2018 - 07:16 PM IST

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Just like we take stock of every movie release after a week and come up with the weekly box office report this time we took insights on what happened right on the first day first show release. This week a total of four movies came up and two among them came in with some promise. Here is the final output.

Family star Srikanth came up with ‘Ra Ra’ and this is more like his do or die project as a hero. However, right from the morning show the film got trashed by the audience. Another promising venture was ‘Sketch’ the Tamil version of Chiyaan Vikram with the milky white beauty Tamannaah. The only opinion is ‘a headache’.

The other movie is ‘Hyderabad Love Story’ featuring Rahul Ravindran and just like it came without noise it has gone without noise. Last but not the least, another movie by the name ‘Chalte Chalte’ came up and tanked immediately. All in all, this was the best slot for a good movie to come and make money as the rest flunked big time.

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