How IPC 354 A/3 Applied On RGV?

By - February 24, 2018 - 05:02 PM IST

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Since the last few days the name of the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has been coming out strongly and the reason for that is the speculation that he would get arrested. All this is in relation to his video ‘GST’ and the uproar it caused among the feminists and various women organizations who felt offended.

Now, the latest update is that three fresh cases have been filed on RGV in Vizag and in that sections 354 A/3, A/4; 500, IT section 67 have been given. Among them, one particular section is raising the eyebrows of few legal experts. It is IPC 354 A/3 and it means showing pornography to a woman against her will.

Those who heard this are asking RGV did not force any woman to watch ‘GST’ with a gunpoint. The video came in a digital channel named Vimeo and one has to pay and watch it. So, it is not sure why that section was used and we will get some clarity only after we hear from the petitioners in this aspect.

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