Ileana's Shocking Picture

By - February 24, 2018 - 01:20 PM IST

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As you keep watching a particular heroine for a while in different roles, a picture of hers gets implanted in your mind and heart. Now, when the same starlet dons a completely contrasting avatar it sets a different alarm in your mind and you cannot help but get shocked. Some beauties have that power.

The sexy hip beauty Ileana was once the ruling queen of Tollywood and throughout her career, she has done glamorous roles with a lot of hotness and appeal. However, the same girl sprang a surprise when she came up with a new picture donning a ‘Sindhoor’ on her forehead and appearing coy like a housewife next door.

Well, all this is happening for a new movie ‘Raid’ in Hindi wherein Ileana is doing a real-life role. The film is about the biggest raid that took place way back in 1981 and it was called the biggest financial crimes of that time. Reports reveal Ileana has done a splendid job and we will get to see that on March 16th when the film arrives. For now, Ileana’s admirers are in a state of shock with this picture.

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