Shankar's Boys Girl Supports GST

By - February 24, 2018 - 05:57 PM IST

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Every ten years a new generation comes with a new taste and demand in terms of cinema. Akin to that, many filmmakers adapt their style to the requirement and come up with trendy flicks. One filmmaker who does that quite often is the showman of the south Shankar and his movie ‘Boys’ became a trendy flick in the year 2003.

So why are we speaking about it now? Well, it has to do with a girl who was in that project. Her name is Phoebe Martin and she is seen as Genelia’s friend in that movie. Now she is back into the news after a long time as she expressed her open support towards ‘God, Sex and Truth’ video which featured the adult star Mia Malkova.

Phoebe happens to be a well-known model and actress and she does assignments in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Chennai. She spoke against those women who filed cases against RGV the director of ‘GST’. Phoebe questioned “Even wives are also killing husbands, are they getting convicted? ‘GST’ is showing women in a great way.” That’s the story folks.

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