Box Office: Encouraging Trend

By - February 27, 2018 - 11:45 AM IST

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We have come to the start of the week and it is time for us to have a look at the how the box office fared in the weekend that has gone by. It is known that the last few weeks were not that great and things were going slow. However, it appears that some ray of encouragement and hope has now come with the figures of these latest releases.

‘Awe’, a production venture of Natural Star Nani has managed to get a decent response in the multiplex and the A centers. Most importantly, the shoestring budget ensured the film has become a hit at the box office. ‘Tholi Prema’ featuring mega prince Varun Tej continues its successful run and elevated Varun’s position in the table.

The dubbed movie ‘Sketch’ turned out t be a massive dud at the box office despite having Chiyaan Vikram and the milky white beauty Tamannaah. ‘Chalo’ has reached the end of its run with 10 crore share at the box office. Meanwhile, the Hollywood flick ‘Black Panther’ is getting an overwhelming response. Overall, the box office has shown signs of improvement.

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