New Recipe From Hot Tamannaah

By - March 02, 2018 - 05:35 PM IST

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With each passing day, the consciousness about health and the awareness about keeping in shape have been increasing and it must be said that the reference point comes from the cinema industry. All the actors and actresses take good care of themselves and especially the heroines work on new formulae for that.

Now, the milky white beauty Tamannaah is coming up with a new recipe which is meant to burn all the fat and keep you in shape. Apparently, Tammu has reportedly recommended something called ‘Butter Coffee’. Well, all you need to do is add a portion of butter to the cup of coffee you have in the morning.

The pretty lady says this ensures the fat in the body is burnt and it helps increase the blood circulation and heartbeat. Well, since this is coming from none other than Tammu, there is no harm in trying it out once. And if it works nothing can be easier and comfortable than just having coffee with a butter tinge. Thank you Tammu!

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