Bad Gossip On Wink Girl

By - March 02, 2018 - 02:33 PM IST

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The moment we say wink girl you don’t need to think much because you know we are talking about the Malayalam girl Priya Prakash Varrier. With just one wink in a song, she became a nationwide sensation. As much popularity that she got, even gossips and rumors have also increased proportionately.

However, there are times when such things go overboard. One gossip is making rounds that Priya is charging a whopping 8 lakhs for every tweet she makes. Well, even the living legend Amitabh’s tweet gets views in thousands and that too Amitabh doesn’t do anything commercial so not sure how Priya will get so much amount?

As such, every celebrity would come up with tweets but they will work on projecting only themselves and not trying to promote other stuff. That way, money taking is not there and out of friendship and social responsibility they tweet. Given all this, it is clear that the 8 lakhs story is absolute trash and nobody is mad to pay such huge amounts.

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