Next Top Telugu Heroine

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For a long time, we have been going through the drought of seeing an authentic Telugu heroine reaching the top league in Tollywood. Since many years this segment has been captured by the beauties of either Mumbai or from Chennai or Kerala. In the recent past, the seductively eyed Anjali made few inroads.

While she has her own brand she is yet to get into the big league properly. Meanwhile, another name is now emerging strongly. It is that of the dusky beauty Eesha Rebba and this Warangal damsel is slowly clinching few juicy offers. Recently Eesha grabbed attention with her performance in the hit movie ‘Awe’.

Now, there are reports that Eesha is going to be the leading lady in the new movie featuring Victory Venkatesh which would be helmed by the talented Teja. This is a big ticket flick and if Eesha can prove her mettle she would catapult into the big league. If this happens the audience will certainly patronize her.


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