Sridevi's Dubai Shopping For This

By - March 05, 2018 - 11:13 AM IST

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It has been a while since Athiloka Sundari Sridevi has passed away but the after effects and shock still holds strong. While the entire nation is grieving for this loss, you can imagine how it would be for Sridevi’s own family especially her daughter Janhvi and Khushi. In response to that, Janhvi wrote a very emotional letter.

We have already mentioned previously as to what the contents of the letter were but here is an interesting bit. It is known that Sridevi was in Dubai attending the marriage of her relative Mohit Marwah but her other plan was to be in Dubai for a while post the wedding as there was a reason.

She wanted to shop for Janhvi’s birthday and it is heard that most of Janhvi’s style and design quotient used to come from Sridevi. Well, Sridevi was a style icon during her heydays so that’s natural. As such, Janhvi didn’t reveal it in her letter but many understood that part by reading between the lines.

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