Who Are Suffering With Producer's Strike?

By - March 04, 2018 - 01:58 PM IST

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Though it is true that we as cine buffs are suffering because we cannot go to the theatres and watch movies owing to the producers strike, we do have an alternative. We can switch on our television sets or log into the internet and watch movies or other entertainment programs as per our convenience.

Given that, the question of truth is, who are the real sufferers due to the Producers strike? Well, it is the grassroot level people who have dedicated themselves to the theatres from decades together. We are talking about the Samosa sellers, cycle stand owners, the parking supervisors who give tickets.

They are suffering a lot because of the theatre shutdown and the impact is higher on the stand alone theatres because the canteens make their money on the daily selling than anything else. For now, it is not really sure when the shutdown will be put to an end but it is heard that the victims are already approaching the producers for a quick solution.

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