Nani Becomes Rs 15 Cr Hero?

By - March 10, 2018 - 12:28 PM IST

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In order to become a bankable star you need to be good at scoring hits and that too with consistent intervals. Any hero who is able to do that will automatically zoom into good price segment and that too within a very short time. One classic example for that happens to be Natural Star Nani and here are the details.

He started in a humble manner with small budget flicks and within no time he emerged as the favorite hero for the youth and family audiences alike. Nani’s USP lies in his ability to select scripts that fit his personality and carry that content value. As a result, his movies are playing well and this has resulted in hiking his tariff.

Currently, sources reveal that Nani is in the 10 crores remuneration bracket because his star stamina is sufficient to pull the movie to a hit at the box office. And now the trade analysts are predicting that given his stamina, he will climb to the 15 crores bracket very soon. If this happens Nani would be considered as good as a superstar.

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