Rudest Shock For Top Hero

By - March 10, 2018 - 01:54 PM IST

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After becoming a sensational superstar overnight with one cult blockbuster it is obvious that your next release is going to become a sizeable success because the mania would be so high. That hype would be sufficient to take the film through at the box office. However, one top hero had to experience the rudest shock.

We are talking about the hot stud Vijay Deverakonda and it is known that he shot to the big league with his cult hit Arjun Reddy. His next release happened to be Ye Mantram Vesave and many expected this would work as well. However, the word of mouth right from the first day first show revealed it is a disaster.

Of course, one benefit of doubt can be given to Vijay that this was a movie he did way back even before he became a proper hero. Secondly, nobody is pointing out any flaws in his performance. Yet, a disaster is a disaster and it does tend to leave some waves of disturbance. Better luck next time Vijay!

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