Kollywood Shutdown From March 16

By - March 11, 2018 - 12:39 PM IST

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Just recently we were troubled a lot owing to the theatre shutdown due to the strike between the producers and the digital service providers. Now, they have come to a consensus but it appears that this feud has touched the neighbouring Kollywood circuit. It is reported that the Kollywood shutdown will commence from March 16.

As such it was the Tamil Nadu theatres which had first announced this shutdown and now the TFPC has taken it a step further by calling for total shutdown including no shooting, no post production, no launches and no new releases. The theatre owners have come up with six demands in front of the government.

Buzz is that the state government has already agreed to three requirements and the others are still in discussion. Incidentally, the tax component has turned out to be extremely high and the theatre owners are unable to bear the costs and taxes simultaneously. So, until all this sorts out, Kollywood will be in shutdown mode.