Kona Venkat Becomes Power Center?

By - March 12, 2018 - 10:01 AM IST

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You might have a brilliant story with you and you are very particular that the role would be justified only by a big hero, do you actually have access to such heroes who would think twice just to cater few minutes. In Tollywood, there is only one man who can just meet up with any of the A-listed heroes.
He is none other than star writer Kona Venkat. Apparently, when it comes to big scripts and narrating them to big heroes, the power center happens to be Kona. Incidentally, he has written stories for many successful movies and now he is also producing movies under his home banner.
Coming to the point, if some random person has got a proper story and is keen to narrate it to any big hero it should first come to Kona Venkat. He has a knack of conveying the story in a different way which could tempt the big hero. That way, for artists and technicians his blessings are required to control certain things. Way to go Kona!!