Sr Director's Financial Pains In Discussion

By - March 12, 2018 - 05:58 PM IST

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From a distance whenever you see a celebrity you cannot help but be feeling envious of the fame and following they get. However, a closer look reveals not all is hunky dory in the lives of film celebrities. There are many who just give build-up but inside they would be going through some of the worst financial crunches.
A classic example to that is a senior director of Tollywood. He made some very good movies and majority among them happen to be with Angry Star Rajasekhar. This director started one movie a year and a half ago and then producers changed in between. Till date, the project is not completed and some portions are pending.
Sources reveal the director is desperate to complete the movie. Though technicians are not getting paid some are cooperating and some are blasting him for wasting their time. Still, he is dedicated to finishing this project. This only goes to show that despite all credentials suffering has to go on. The final touch is, this movie is with debutantes and no known faces.

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