Yesteryears' Heartthrob As Hot Aunt

By - March 12, 2018 - 03:54 PM IST

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The power of certain actresses is such that even when they pass their prime and become aunties, they are still desired and their venturing onto the silver screen triggers a lot of excitement and happiness among their admirers. Now, that good fortune has blessed the fans of one heroine.
She is none other than Bhagyashree, the Bollywood girl who stole hearts with her movie ‘Prema Paavuralu’ featuring mighty heart Salman Khan. The news is that Bhagyashree is making her comeback to Telugu wherein she would be essaying the role of the hero’s mother. The hero is handsome hunk Adivi Sesh.
The film happens to be the remake of the Bollywood movie ‘2 States’ which was based on a book written by the famous Chetan Bhagat. With the news about Bhagyashree’s comeback the entire hype and expectations over the film have grown exponentially and all are eager to catch a glimpse of her.

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